Utilizing a Life Coach is an innovative and effective approach as an adjunct to the therapeutic process. Having a Coach on staff allows the work to continue outside the therapy room with support and guidance from the treatment team. Continuing to support a client at home in a coaching setting allows the work to become actionable. The supervision and feedback is invaluable to deepen the entire treatment plan. 

The Coach is able to meet in person between sessions targeting various aspects of life where a client may be stuck. With continuous guidance from the therapist or treatment team, the client gets a well rounded in- office and at-home support system. Often in the aftermath of the discovery of sex addiction, the focus becomes entirely on recovery and healing and many of life’s daily challenges, tasks and self-care practices become minimized or thrown out the window completely. Other important areas may suffer in the chaos and overwhelm of truing to recover.  A Life Coach can reinforce behaviors for successful habit change in the areas of health and wellness, stress reduction, goal setting for life and career, relationship to money and development and implementation of systems to bring more order and balance into your life.