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To See and Be Seen: Creating Relational Intimacy with Eye Contact

  Category: Intimacy

Is eye contact really necessary to achieve intimacy in relationships? It has been said by many a partner…"Why don’t you look at me when you talk to me?" And often the person to whom the question is asked doesn’t realize that he/she is avoiding eye contact, does realize it but doesn’t know why, or recognizes that eye contact causes discomfort but doesn’t know how to change. This relational dynamic often leads to defensiveness, hurt feelings, anger and/or blame. Over time, worry that a partner isn’t actually present can feel...
By Marnie Breecker, MFT, CSAT, CCPS, Read More

Partners of Sex Addicts May Wonder if they are Crazy or Codependent…But Are They?

  Category: Partners/spouses of Sex Addicts

If you feel like a "crazy," "obsessive" or "controlling" wife or girlfriend after discovering an affair or any kind of sexual acting out, join the club! And guess what? Therapists working in sex addiction don't view those behaviors as crazy, insane or codependent. Trying to control your environment to feel safe after a betrayal is a normal reaction. It is a rational response when you feel your partner is lying to you and you are looking for answers. Misguided 12-step advice and out-of-date therapeutic theories for treating addiction told...
By Jaclyn Schwartz, MA, MFT, Read More